[Market-farming] hoophouse tomatoes

Sharon and Steve shopkins at tdstelme.net
Wed Jun 13 18:42:53 EDT 2007


Big Beef (Indet, Alt, F1, F2, V, TMV, Stem, N)
Cobra (Indet, V, F1, F2, TMV, Stem)
Geronimo (Indet, TMV, V, F2, LM)
Trust (Indet, F2, TMV, LM, V)


My choice in the greenhouse and one I would try in hoops is Vendor, an op 
oldie that Stokes keeps in their greenhouse tomato list. It has made us a 
lot of friends as it makes a garden type tomato that has no green 
shouldering, is as ripe inside as outside (the fruit) and there is none of 
that squeeking and crunching that buggs me about Trust and the other 
"Greenhouse Hybrids".


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