[Market-farming] Microgreens

Angela Hemwall hemwalla at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 12 22:02:15 EDT 2007

Hello to all and thanks for several years now of providing interesting and 
educational dialogue.
Has anyone tried to grow microgreens? I've been doing pea shoots for awhile 
now (I highly recommend them at $10/lb.-thanks to Lucy(?) for the directions 
in a former post) and would like to branch out for my main restaurant 
client. Do you soak the seeds for micros like the peas? Is the amount you 
get worth it? I received a bunch of seed from Johnny's but haven't yet got 
any instructions. Does it work best with a hydroponic setup or can you do it 
with soil or soilless mix? Any tips would be great.
Angela Hemwall
Pierpont Farms
Columbia MO

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