[Market-farming] dried herbs and peppers

courtney mcleod sunmoonriver at windstream.net
Mon Jun 11 12:49:35 EDT 2007

No I don't and I should. I also grow and dry various culinary herbs and
cayenne peppers but have yet to make blends with those. And since I'm in
Ohio such things go under "cottage industry" regs.


BTW, where did you get your jars for garlic powder? Are they glass or





I don't know if that was Lucy or Toni that wrote that.but I can tell you
from experience here in North East Ohio.I am NOT allowed to dry peppers or
herbs and re-sell them without a processing lic.  I too dry and grind my
peppers and herbs for seasonings.but I am not legally allowed to sell them
as I do not have a ceritified kitchen.  I still do at a couple of markets
that I know I can.and they sell great. But I know I am not allowed.  I think
it is totally ridiculous that I can not even sell dried herbs or peppers.
STUPID!  I too put my seasonings in little 1oz plastic jars with shakers
tops and plastic lids.  I sell mine for $4 ea and they move pretty well!



Middlefield, Oh

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