[Market-farming] sprayer type for mixed veggies, foliar feeding

Goodwill at Homefields Farm sbreneman at yourgoodwill.org
Mon Jun 11 08:55:17 EDT 2007

We have 5 acres of mixed veggies (organic CSA) and do some spraying and 
a lot of foliar feeding.  We have outgrown out Stihl backpack mist 
blower and are looking for something better suited, and i'm wondering 
what your experience would recommend:

--One sprayer i'm looking at is basically like the backpack blower but 
is 3pt mounted and has a 50 gallon tank  and pump with 280mph Cifarelli 
blower on it from BDI machinery

--the other is a 50 gallon diaphragm pump high pressure boom sprayer 
from CropCare.

Thank you,


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