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from Wikipedia - i love Cilantro, but it is hard to imagine a yet
stronger taste as they say this herb has:
Eryngium foetidum (also known as Bhandhanya, Chandon benit, Culantro,
Culantro Coyote, Fitweed, Long coriander, Mexican coriander, Wild
coriander, Recao, Spiritweed, Ngò gai, Sawtooth, and Saw-leaf herb), is a
tropical perennial and annual herb in the family Apiaceae. It is native
to Mexico and South America, but is cultivated worldwide. In the United
States, where it is not well-known, the name culantro sometimes causes
confusion with Coriandrum sativum, the leaves of which are known as
cilantro, and which culantro is even said to taste like.[1]
Eryngium foetidum foliage
E. foetidum is widely used in seasoning and marinating in the Caribbean.
It is also used extensively in Thailand, India, Vietnam, and other parts
of Asia as a culinary herb. This variety of coriander dries well,
retaining good color and flavor, making it valuable in the dried herb
industry. It is sometimes used as a substitute for cilantro, but has a
much stronger taste. Like with cilantro, several people find the leaves
very distasteful, due to a genetic trait. As the species name means
"fetid" in Latin, it is possible that Linnaeus also had this
trait.[citation needed]
Medicinally, the leaves and roots are used in tea to stimulate appetite,
improve digestion, combat colic, soothe stomach pains, eliminate gases
and as an aphrodisiac.
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