[Market-farming] post hole augers

david purpura davepurpura at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 8 20:36:33 EDT 2007

Hi Allen.  Since you're looking for a hand held auger, I assume you don't have the tractor to power it, so the following advice may be moot... but nothing beats a tractor mounted auger.  If you do have the tractor, I'd spend whatever it takes - you'll forget the cost and you won't be swearing at it every time you use it.  I picked one up this past winter for fifty bucks used.

Since I live in 'Rock Village', in SE Mass, my judgment may be clouded... :0)


I'm looking at getting one of those self-powered post hole augers 
that Lowe's sells.

They sell one man and two man models. I remember hearing that one man 
cannot easily hold an auger when it is really digging and then 
'catches.' However, maybe the technology has changed.

I'd rather buy two much than two little and having to use two people 
to bore is fine.

Before I drop the cash, I'd like to hear your opinions and experience.



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