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This was posted in another Agriculture Discussion group that I read, and I thought everyone here would want to see it, and act on it.  I've found that our Representatives and Senators only accept email from their own constituents, but they probably still take phone calls and letters from the general US public.  Or perhaps this could be discussed in newspaper letters and such?
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ACTION ALERT-Call or write your congressional representative 
requesting removal of recently added Sec. 123 in the 2007 Farm Bill draft that 
would prevent states and counties from determining whether genetically 
modified crops can be grown. 

The biotech industry and agribusiness have been pushing similar state 
bills, but now they are trying to hide it in the very lengthy Farm Bill.  
Please write to the Chairman of the House Committee on Agriculture, 
Collin C. Peterson, MN and other members of that committee.  You can view 
the list of committee members at: 

Many house members prefer that you contact them via their web site. 

Sample letter to members of the House Committee on Agriculture

(You can cut and paste this letter or modify as you choose)

Subject: No preemptive language in the Farm Bill to override local 
democratically-passed laws that protect citizens from risky foods

Dear (name of representative);

I write to strongly oppose the pre-emptive language of Section 123 
"Effect of USDA Inspection and Determination of Non-Regulated Status," in 
the House Farm Bill inserted by the subcommittee on Livestock, Diary and 
Poultry on May 24.

This language in the Farm Bill would preempt the rights of states and 
localities to pass regulations regarding food or agricultural products 
or methods that the USDA has granted "non-regulated status."

STATUS. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, no State or 
locality shall make any law prohibiting the use in commerce of an article that 
the Secretary of Agriculture has:

(1.)   inspected and passed; or

(2.)   determined to be of non-regulated status."

If included in the Farm Bill, this would negate all current state and 
local safety laws, including laws on genetically engineered crops and 
organisms. Hiding this provision in the Farm Bill without full public 
debate would negate the will of voters who have decided that precautions 
should be taken until genetically engineered agricultural products can 
be proven safe.

I urge you to oppose any language in the Farm Bill that would preempt 
state and local rights to make democratic decisions to protect their own 
health, food safety, and agricultural production.


(Your name)

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