[Market-farming] Weather was Re: pricing my garlic powder and "buds"?

tonitime at juno.com tonitime at juno.com
Fri Jun 8 13:23:57 EDT 2007

Hey Lynn,
     I was just out putting row after row of tulle on the peppers,
tomatoes,  and baby seedlings, as a BIG storm is brewing and on the way.
They say big hail very possible, and i cannot live with the risk this
    While out there, i saw waaay too many cuke beetles that just showed
up.  The first two tater bugs on the yukon gold patch.  Flea beetles are
eating up the tomatillo leaves, but never seem to inhibit production on
those.  Glad i have remay over the eggplants and radishes.
   No squash bugs yet today, but i bet they are there!  Good luck with
yours.  I have blooming pumpkins and the Bushel gourds will have them all
in to lunch soon, dogone.
   I did see my first Jalapeno plant that clearly is blighted - and in a
new pepper location, too.  Our peppers have been sad from it the last two
years.  Last year, to have peppers, i dug up all voluneers around my
compost pike just so we could have some, tho their types were unknown
when planting!  I hope for better this year, as there is great sauce to
be made!
   It would be such great fun to actually meet you and Lucy.....bet we
would have some good fun, if our work would allow us such frivolity ;-) 
If you are ever in the neighborhood.......
Red River Gorge, KY

> The squash bugs AND squash beetles have arrived. 
> Lynn Wigglesworth

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