[Market-farming] Weather was Re: pricing my garlic powder and "buds"?

Lynn Wigglesworth lynnw1366 at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 8 12:13:49 EDT 2007

From: "Pat Meadows"
> And today it will be 89!  The extreme back-and-forth of temperatures
> spring has made life very difficult for growers and gardeners.

I'm learning to do my work during the cool spells 'cause I can't take that
heat anymore.

The squash bugs AND squash beetles have arrived. Last year they carried a
virus that wiped out every squash plant I had (and gourds). All my squash
are covered with insect cloth; I'm hoping if the bugs can't find anything
to eat or anywhere to lay eggs, they'll go away. I'll have to take the
cloth off for pollination. Plus these are huge winter squash, pumpkins,
and gourds and can't be contained under a cloth for long.

Lynn Wigglesworth
Peasant Farmer
Tioga County, PA

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