[Market-farming] certified kitchens

Marie Kamphefner kampy at grm.net
Thu Jun 7 21:08:26 EDT 2007

Hi Bill,


We're between St. Joseph and Kirksville.


Our kitchen has its own entrance, three bay sink, and a double sink (hand
washing and mop), approved water source, approved sewer system (septic tank
with laterals), hard, easy to clean floor and walls and enough lighting. The
health guy also checks the temperature of the refrigerator and makes sure
the family food is not commingled with the kitchen food. That's about all I
can think of.


Marie in Missouri 


Hi Marie, 


It's good to talk to a fellow Missourian :) We grew up south of Jeff City,
and lived in Columbia, Aurora, St. Joe and Kirksville while working for MFA.


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