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Likewise, 15 months ago or so we were at the day-long training session put
on by ODA in Reynoldsburg regarding food safety issues. We were told that no
food product could be cut by a knife. Home-ground corn meal is not
allowed--this was specifically asked by a participant. When asked how to
harvest greens, etc. without cutting them, the director admitted that this
was a gray area. However, blending herbs was also cited as not being legal
under cottage industry regs. I got the impression that enforcement may vary
from county to county but that the ODA is working to bring everyone up to

"*What Foods are not Allowed to be Manufactured for Sale or Distribution by
a Cottage Food Production Operation?  *... *Non-potentially hazardous
food*items/processes not permitted to be made or performed in a
"Cottage Food
Production Operation"--Snack Foods (potato chips, popcorn, trail mix, etc.);
Cereals including granola; Repackaging of Foods; Production of Dry Food
Mixes; Drying of foods including Herbs and Fruits, etc.

Just another reason why we want to find a reasonably priced way to fund or
utilize a commercial kitchen. The really profitable items seem to require

How about vendors' foodstands used at fairs.? Are they certified as a
commercial kitchen, or is there another classification for them? Many of the
prohibited operations would seem to be performed in them on a routine basis.


On 6/7/07, Debbie Moore <caverdjmoore at hotmail.com> wrote:

> >No I don't and I should. I also grow and dry various culinary herbs and
> cayenne peppers but have yet to make blends with those. And since I'm in
> Ohio such things go under "cottage industry" regs.

Lucy - Our local health dept. quoted the following regs and was adamant that
I cannot dry my herbs and blend them under cottage industry laws here in
Ohio. I have not pursued it further to see if an inspected kitchen is OK, or
if I need a commercial kitchen. PLEASE let me know if you find out


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