[Market-farming] pricing my garlic powder and "buds"?

BillOhio billohio at gmail.com
Wed Jun 6 11:03:32 EDT 2007

Regarding a commercial kitchen for value-added products, is there an
economical way to set something like this up? I see a figure of $10,000
bandied about, which at our nanoprocessing level would take a LONG time to
pay out; on the other hand, something simple would really help with cash
flow in off-season sales. We went to a flea market outside of Cincinnati
awhile back, and a chef had set up a BBQ kitchen there with 3 buckets for
his wash basins, and he was certified as a kitchen. We'd sure appreciate any

This was my first year growing garlic, and I had doubleplanted the final
half row or so because it was cold that day, and I didn't want to dig up
more of a bed to put the last in. We've been selling the green garlic for 50
cents a stalk, for use in salads or whatever, with pretty good sales. This
isn't really rural, but almost no one had ever seen a garlic plant before we
took it to market.



On 6/7/07, Lucy Goodman <goodows at infinet.com> wrote:
> I sell mine for $3.50 an ounce in bags. If I were putting it in jars I
> would raise the price to $4.00, at least.
> You may be able to get $6 o $7 an ounce if nicely presented, especially
> if you point out there are 19(!) different kinds of garlic in each jar.
> Lucy
> tonitime at juno.com wrote:
> >Hi All,
> >    I make some great garlic powder from a mix of about 19 garlics that
> >we grow.  I am wondering what to price it at for sale tomorrow eve?  I
> >plan to sell it in some shaker bottles that i bought for .50 each, as i
> >have no bags to hold it.  What do you think i should charge for this
> >labor-intensive stuff?  Also, all the folk i gave it to for Xmas have run
> >out and want more now!
> >Thanks,
> >Toni in E KY..........where prices are far too low on most things (
> >compared to my 45 years in Central CA!!)
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