[Market-farming] Cilantro blossoms

Kate Halstead rockyprairie at earthlink.net
Tue Jun 5 11:43:12 EDT 2007

I sold them, actually flowering cilantro, to one Seattle-area restaurant
many years ago. The chef liked the more intense flavor of the entire
flowering plant. No one else has expressed an interest since then. I would
cut the top 1-2 feet and then thin out the very hard stems. Very labor
intensive, and the stuff wilts at the drop of a hat.
The flowers are very tiny, the petals start falling almost the minute they
start to bloom and you would have to have an awful lot of plants to get
enough flowering tops to make up much weight.
Unless you have a real specific need, I wouldn't waste the time.


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I checked a website and found out that cilantro blossoms are edible.
Has anyone tried them? Or sold them to restaurants?
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