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We started with bare-root, dormant plants from a nursery in March.  We planted those into 32-cell trays and kept them at around 50 degrees in our greenhouse (and later in trays in the tunnel outside after our greenhouse was full!) until May, when we transplanted them outside.

The everbearers put out a few runners, but not as many as June bearers.  The premise we're working on is to plant them every year in our crop rotation, keeping diseases at bay without the use of chemicals.

The everbearers outside can survive down to about 23 degrees, but anything below 32 degrees will often frost off the blooms.  But they come back and keep producing all the way through frost in the fall.  They grow best when their roots are cool, so they don't do well in the warmer south.  Some folks in warmer areas plant them into reflective plastic to help with the root cooling.   We tried some in black plastic this year to see how they do up in the mountains.

Good luck!

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Thank you for the input, Cheryl! Do everbearing strawberries send out runners like the others, or do you have to replant every year?  It looked like you grow the plants in the greenhouse! How do you do that? I’m going to go out as soon as it is dry enough and take off all those little berries I saw yesterday! Your farm looks beautiful!
Marie in Missouri
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