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            Cisterns have been used for centuries to store drinking water.
They are usually in the ground where they can stay cool, dark and enclosed.
Using one for irrigation could easily be done.  They are usually concrete
and hold thousands of gallons of water, but can be even a 55 gallon plastic
barrel.  They must stay cool, dark and enclosed to keep out critters and
insects.  A little beach occasionally keeps the algae down.


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Sinc we are on the subject of water storeage does anyone have any advice
about rainwater storeage?How long before it becomes a stagnant mosquito
breeding grounds and how do I prevent this.I work on a much smaller scale
than most of you.(I'm working on my spin farming techniques) and so far Ive
just used buckets and smaller containers since we had a very dry May.Ive
obtained a large plastic container(approx.150gal)and since we have had rain
3 out of 4 June days I hope to preserve some of it.Thanks for any advice or

  Im not in production yet so I hope to get things set up this year,(raised
beds,small green house,stand,zoning,etc.)and so far tour advice has been a
great help.Im sure Ill need alot more so THANKS in advance.




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