[Market-farming] water storeage

JAY GJERSETH jgj417 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 4 13:28:56 EDT 2007

Sinc we are on the subject of water storeage does anyone have any advice about rainwater storeage?How long before it becomes a stagnant mosquito breeding grounds and how do I prevent this.I work on a much smaller scale than most of you.(I'm working on my spin farming techniques) and so far Ive just used buckets and smaller containers since we had a very dry May.Ive obtained a large plastic container(approx.150gal)and since we have had rain 3 out of 4 June days I hope to preserve some of it.Thanks for any advice or suggestions.  
    Im not in production yet so I hope to get things set up this year,(raised beds,small green house,stand,zoning,etc.)and so far tour advice has been a great help.Im sure Ill need alot more so THANKS in advance.

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