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If I can chime in on the everbearing strawberry issue...

We did research with the University of Maryland on everbearing strawberries last year.  We're at 2,500 feet, zone 5, frost free date of June 1. 

We planted the Everest variety, and got about one pound total production per plant over the season (minus waste).  This was done with organic production and no fertilizer beyond some compost worked into the soil pre-season.  We planted them in white plastic mulch, some in and some out of a high tunnel.  The tunnel provided for an earlier peak production for those berries, and the outside ones peaked a little later, but the tunnel didn't produce more total production.  The tunnel did, however, provide protection from the rain, and we had less loss in the tunnel.  (We estimated a 25% loss outside due to rotting where the berries laid in a puddle on the plastic, versus only about 10% loss in the tunnel)

Picking the blooms until the plants are established really helps with total production.  If you set them out and they start fruiting immediately, the plant uses all it's energy to fruit rather than to make a solid plant foundation to keep it going through the season.  You'll get less total production if you don't pick the blooms early on.

We have a few pictures of our research on our website, www.DeBerryFarm.com

Good luck!
Cheryl DeBerry
DeBerry Farm

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Regards to the list:
Lucy, we planted everbearers for the first time this spring, only because the severe Easter freeze knocked out all our June bearers. What can we expect from these everbearers? We planted Eversweets. We have been picking off the first blooms, but a few escaped our pruning and they have lots of little berries set on.
Thank you for whatever information you can tell me.
Marie in Missouri
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