[Market-farming] well storage tank?

Leigh Hauter bullrunfarm at hughes.net
Sun Jun 3 13:22:50 EDT 2007

It looks like the clouds are moving up the coast.  It was cloudy here 
in northern Virginia  at 3 in the morning when I got up to move the 
water  (we only had .4 inch last month) and started raining at 9 am 
and has been dropping about a tenth of an inch an hour since then.  I 
told my wife, when it started, that I didn't believe in it, that it 
was only a tease, and didn't shut down the irrigation but I'm 
reconsidering that now.

Since I get most of my water from three different springs that put 
out about 30 gallons a minute we have storage tanks to collect the 
water  (don't need pumps to get the water into the tanks)  I just 
bought 2 more 2500 tanks last week.

The Plains, Virginia

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