[Market-farming] well storage tank?

Allan Balliett aballiett at frontiernet.net
Sun Jun 3 06:48:41 EDT 2007

You really have to work this out with your pump supplier. As far as I 
know, not all pumps perform as reasonably as Bill's does. Whoever 
makes your pump or, possibly, whoever sold it to you can give you the 
most accurate advice.

Our pump uses a 3 gallong pressure pump and, as Bill says, only uses 
juice to give us what we are using, unlike our gas creek pump which 
uses gas whether the water is flowing or not. Pretty expensive way to 
irrigate in this day and age.

>Our well is used with no tank at all. We turn on the pump, and pump 
>into the main line into the layflat. Well cap. is 50 GPM. Each zone 
>area uses 40 GPM. To control the pressure on the drip line we have a 
>gate valve on the lay flat. After the drip lines are charged the 
>valve is pinched down to control the pressure. The pump holds the 
>back pressure. Backpressure will not hurt the pump. Matter of fact, 
>in using a pump what you pay for in power use is volume. Volume = 
>more amps pressure = less amps. Bill

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