[Market-farming] well storage tank?

Bill Bradshaw billbradshaw at hughes.net
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Our well is used with no tank at all. We turn on the pump, and pump into the main line into the layflat. Well cap. is 50 GPM. Each zone area uses 40 GPM. To control the pressure on the drip line we have a gate valve on the lay flat. After the drip lines are charged the valve is pinched down to control the pressure. The pump holds the back pressure. Backpressure will not hurt the pump. Matter of fact, in using a pump what you pay for in power use is volume. Volume = more amps pressure = less amps. Bill

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  The farm I'm managing hit a 10gpm well, and we're looking to drill another to at least double our water.  The well driller we're working with is set on the idea that we'd need a huge storage tank, with 2 wells pumping into the tank, and another bigger pump pumping into our irrigation.  I was wondering if anyone has any experience with such a set-up, and if it has any advantages, drawbacks, etc.  I was thinking we'd just use both wells hooked together with lay-flat, or use them completely seperately in different fields.  Our entire irrigation system this year is drip and wobblers (tiny low pressure over-head), so pressure isn't a huge consideration.  In the future we'd like to use solid set irrigation, but we could also drill more wells.  Thanks in advance for any information..
  John DiZazzo
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