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Shawnee Flowerfarmer farmingflowers at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 25 20:27:44 EDT 2007

  Your  relay planting method is intriguing.  I manage an 1850's Heritage Garden with a verrrrry small budget; all plant varieties must be pre-1850, so every season I am trying to save seed for the next....and raise enough crop to feed volunteers and perhaps, have some harvest to support our local Plant-a-Row for the Hungry program and also sell to fund next year's garden. 
 Sigh....that's many  economic responsibilities to wrestle out of a quarter acre historical garden . 
  Plus, available greenhouse space varies considerably as I piggyback the Heritage Garden seedlings onto whatever gozillion crops I am raising for the nursery where I finance my life.
I will try your system to stretch my potato crop/seed next season.  (Plus, we have better success when I have actual seedlings for volunteers to plant.  There is always a gap between the enthusiasm of optimistic volunteers and their horticultural knowledge.)
Thanks for the details,
Shawnee, zone 5, but it's been July weather since late April. 
 (ps-have I punctuated correctly and so on?  Hee hee....my, but you did rattle up the list-serve, didn't you?  Cool.  Still,  I agree.  When it's important to communicate something, one strives to be a credit to the teachers who emphasized the infrastructure of our language.)
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