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Thank you Caryl!.................... corvin
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> David wrote:  ...I do question though why some people write posts without
> punctuation and with no regards to rules of grammar.  When I receive posts
> like this one I end up spending more time trying to understand the points
> the writer is trying to convey than the amount of time I want to invest in
> reading the post; so I just delete it.
> It is a long post and I'm sure Sals put a lot of time and effort into
> composing it, but after reading the first 5 or 6 lines it went right into
> the trash.  I am the only one who feels this way?
> ****
> I don't post very often, but I read almost everything that goes through
> list.  I thank the people who take time to post, because I have learned a
> great deal from them.  I always appreciate people's time, because I know
> are all short of it.
> I was surprised at David's comment, and found it a bit...I don't
> know..."snooty."  Most farmers have neither the training, inclination, nor
> time to spend time carefully composing a post.  I appreciated that Sal
> the time describing his experience, and many of his comments were right
> I would hate for the group to lose the insights of people like him because
> they fear that the writing police might nail them.  Lighten up!  If you
> think the post difficult to read, just delete it without comment.  This is
> conversation not an academic convention.
> And Sal, I thank you.  You described well the frustrations of the small
> farmer with the USDA organic rules.  Please keep contributing!
> Caryl
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