[Market-farming] "organic": actual USDA regulations

sals sals3 at cox.net
Wed Jul 25 14:51:34 EDT 2007

so you make the people doing it right pay because someone is doing it wrong 
.  u want to go tax the folks that pass the organic test every year because 
someone down the street might be lying.  good idea

I understand now I got to pay because someone else lies.  make the folks 
that are  organic pay because some one else is dishonest. and make them pay 
every year enough already.

 ok the USDA only had to give us a definition  ok I will go along with that 
.  but why make a police action and a tax on every organic grower year after 
year for the rest of their  organic life .    enough already

> The problem with many "organic" farmers who do not certify is that their
> definition of organic may be substantially different than what most
> would consider to be organic.  I used to sell at a farmers market with a
> :"organic grower" who liked to use a little round-up around the barn and
> to clean up problem areas.  Many other non certified "organic" growers
> use rotenone and other substances which are proscribed by the
> standard.   Or they may spread raw manure and take a crop off it in just
> a few months.   If you asked them to describe their practices, they
> would be happy to share, but what they do doesn't necessarily match with
> what most would consider to be organic.
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