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Just a note to clarify:

I don't agree with much of the USDA policy. I just thought that people 
should know what the law actually says.

Attempts to change it are fine with me. Some of the techniques of 
attempting to ignore it are fine with me too. The only people I have a 
quarrel with (aside from the USDA, that is) are the ones who want to 
say their stuff is "organic" when they haven't bothered to find out 
what "organic" is, or when they want the name but don't want to 
actually farm in that fashion. By this I mean, not only that they 
haven't read the USDA's version, or that they're not going along with 
something the USDA put in their law that is controversial among organic 
growers; but that they haven't learned about the subject from elsewhere 
in the organic community either; and/or are doing things that nobody 
who does understand the subject would accept as "organic". I have run 
into people who routinely use synthetic herbicides, but think they 
should be allowed to call their produce organic because no spray has 
been applied to the actual fruit. I have run into people who think that 
"organic" means only that you don't use a sprayer. I could go on in 
this line for some time. Any misconception you can think of in the 
general public as to the meaning of the word, there is somebody out 
there who also has that misconception, but wants to sell their produce 
as "organic".

Sal is clearly not one of those people. I have a lot of sympathy with 
his frustration. There are people who have heard me come out with a few 
rants in this area myself.

-- Rivka; Finger Lakes NY, Zone 5 mostly
Fresh-market organic produce, small scale
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