[Market-farming] organic

dirt.4arm dirt.4arm at gmail.com
Wed Jul 25 04:01:13 EDT 2007

>>  I know growers who fool around with the spelling.....organick, organix .  Guess that's what we've come to in New Millenium Amerika.....sigh.  
>>  want to paraphrase the t-shirts some of the Harley  owners wear......"I was Organic before it was cool."

What is the actual ruling on this? Any precedents for using organick, organicke, organike, organikx, organicx, organix or other variants?
I hear inspectors/USDA get real serious about violations of the rule and can levy serious fines and make them stick. 

I am all for the medieval organick. I guess the fine print in the rule is the place to go for an answer. Maybe any word containing
the string "organi" is subject to the rulebook. 

Locally, naturally, sustainably grown or certified naturally grown can and should be used  more often

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