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Sharon and Steve <shopkins at tdstelme.net> wrote:
  "sals" wrote the truth and did it well, but I would wonder 
at the possibilities of trading the hassel and expence of certification for 
the opportunity to build on retail direct to the consumer using a beyond 
organic moniker. To be certified is to be no better than the mega growers 
like Earthbound, Horizon or "Mission Organics, a supplier to Natural 
Selection Foods"( the most likely supplier of the problem sipnach) which I 
think I can assure you that the organic founders never had in mind.
I think the organic founders had in mind that the consumer should know their 
grower, visit his farm, see his work, understand his pholisophy, and buy his 
product; to think that having the government list the hoops to be jumped 
through to gain the use of a magic word thereby imporving the diet and 
health of the nation is utter bullshud.


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