[Market-farming] "organic": actual USDA regulations

sals sals3 at cox.net
Tue Jul 24 12:26:21 EDT 2007

say it an't so joe

It is true if you want to use the word organic you have to be certified and 
inspected and pay every year to prove you are telling the truth.  I have 
been organic for over 25 years and have paid to be inspected every year and 
have paid the state and have paid the certifier every year .  I feel they 
should be paying me this is so sick .  I also have to pay a state water 
quality board to keep streams clean because I am a farmer but what leaves my 
land  is better because I use nothing they should be paying me. I have been 
keeping the streams and water under me clean for year  .  I have used 
nothing for years. nothing but water.  I have trees planted and I have 
changed nothing but when the calendar changes to 07 from 06 these folks get 
paid again for checking me making sure I told the truth. the same old same 
old .  I have not changed but they need to see that and charge me money 
again.  I don't get paid for keeping  paper work yet they get paid for 
reading the same old paper every year.  there are places on earth that 
understand how organic saves the state and feds money because of envermental 
stuff and help their organic farmers but here in Ca. they burden them and 
take their hard earned money .  they are sickos as we all know.  if I could 
call my stuff organic and not brake the law I would not pay these folks. 
they don't hoe they don't plant they don't have to worry about weather they 
don't have to worry about selling the crop high electric and water bills 
high property tax etc. how many bottom feeding   paper pushing bureaucrats 
does it take to prove I am organic every year . lots and I the farmer have 
to pay them all.  they just all get paid again because the calendar changes 
from 06 to 07.  I have to pay the inspector for his travel and his reading 
the same paper every year his inspection looking at the same trees and then 
the certifier just for keeping that same paper work and then the state 
because they demand it if you call yourself organic.  It is a real burden 
but if we want to tell our buyers we are organic we need to bow and kiss up 
to this.  I sell wholesale and the stores will not put my product in the 
organic section unless I am certified.  so I do it to please my customers 
that I have had for many years.  every one is forced to follow these laws 
that call their self organic . I can see how this would hurt a small grower 
like myself but now  organic is also left up to the whims congress and the 
hard money soft money and back door money . the big money makes the laws . 
the 5000 as a small farm is a joke showing me these folks don't care if we 
make a living or not  they want their  money just like the mafia we have a 
organic mafia and you have to pay your protection money or you can not work 
this corner. go call yourself something else but now the USDA owns that word 
organic and they took it from us took our certifiers took our inspectors 
they just took it.  .  they should be paying me my trees are cleaning their 
dirty air.  where are my carbon credits .  they got it backwards again. 
they charge me every year for my trees yet tell folks plant more trees. 
sure so they can tax them every year. sure so they tax you when you buy the 
tree and if you plant it and take care of it they can line up and get paid 
again every year the tree is growing .   sickos any way law can go on and on 
about no good act goes unpunished but bottom line .  if you want to play you 
have to pay. and pay and pay and pay and pay every year for as long as you 
are organic and want to tell someone how u farm organic.  why because they 
got the guns.  did you vote for this nooooooo a few people got together 
mostly those I pay off every year and farmed their mischief and call it a 
law and now they can go out and steal our money why because they got the 
guns.  its the law growing organic food and selling it as organic and your 
not certified or you sell under 5000 you are a criminal.  that right 5001 
dollars and your a criminal . that's right what you are doing is a crime yet 
they let in tons of food no one checks for how it is farmed .  it could have 
antifreeze or unlawful antibiotics no one checks yet if you farm organic and 
tell some one your the criminals. 

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