[Market-farming] double cropped potatoes

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Thank you Alison,

That is what I was looking for. Thanksgiving 'New' spuds! Yeh.

I think I may try putting them in trays covered in mix, kind of a cool
chitting process. I do that with expensive fingerling  stock then plant
individual shoots that I pull, not cut, off the plant when they have some
roots but not so many that they 'clump'. The plants take off if you set them
in holes like you would leeks because they have roots ready to go and the
tops are above ground. I do them this way to prevent the spread of virus
from the cutting knife on stock that I am trying to keep. The main crop I do
the usual way.


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I think there can be a dormancy issue, but a few weeks in refrigeration
should break it.  Not sure of the time needed however!  We will be using
seed from our spring planted potato harvest to plant our high tunnel
potatoes in late August.  Usually gives us a nice harvest in December.


Alison Wiediger, Au Naturel Farm

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 Has anyone double cropped potatoes? Ie taken the first crop and planted
them into new hills. I have a vague memory of dormancy being an issue.

We are going to be short of a specialty spud that we are considering re
planting in the high tunnel using the 'starts' from our early crop that are
now ready. Ideas. Comments.




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