[Market-farming] organic

Sharon and Steve shopkins at tdstelme.net
Mon Jul 23 21:36:28 EDT 2007

I was Organic before it was cool."
> Shawnee, zone 5 more or less.
If you cant tell folksthe hows, why, and wherefores of your farm and have 
them become customers of your products you are dealing with a SOB you dont 
need messing up ypor day in the first place.
Were I to kow-tow to those who would demand that my product be "certified 
organic" I would have to quit as I would be seeing even a bigger fool as I 
approach a mirror. Sort of like if they said "you farmers can have a market 
here in town, but bring a tarp to keep your feet off our grass".


Used to have this sign on the stand:

Home Grown Produce
Free from organic compounds such as:
Chicken Poop
Fermented Fish
Rotted Sea Weed
Sewage Sludge
Composted Crustations

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