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You cannot use the word organic (with or without the words certified) unless you are certified by a USDA accredited certification agency. The one caveat is for very small producers who gross less than $5000 a year can use the word organic (with out the word certified) without being certified but you still must follow USDA rules and keep records.? OF course it would be easier on many of us to just use the word, but that is no longer an option. Stiff fines apply for using the O word when you aren't supposed to.? More info?on the national organic program at?www.ams.usda.gov/NOP/ your friends probably just aren't aware of the rules.? Also there are alternate programs such as Certified Naturally Grown (www.naturallygrown.org) which gives you?an application,?rules to follow?and marketing info to help explain it to your customers, but there is no cost to the farmer.
Shanti Rade
Whipstone Farm Paulden, AZ
(also an organic inspector)
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It's been my understanding that 'they stole our word.'

Now knowledgeable people tell me that I can legally refer to my 
organically grown produce as 'organic' as long as I do not say 
'organically certified,' which I am not.

My question: is this true? I thought the USDA now 'owns' the word and 
that 'organic' legally means the same as 'organically certified by 
the USDA' if I use it in conjunction with produce. Since I am not 
USDA certified, I cannot use it.

If I could use 'organic' in my advertising, though, it would sure cut 
through a lot of workaround verbage.

Do you know? Who is right? Paranoid me or my new friends who say that 
'organic' is just fine for a non-certified farm?

Thanks -Allan


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