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Lambs quarters is also a problem in Kansas.   Hard to control after it rained steady for over a month.  It also attracts cucumber beetles.  Definitely a weed in Kansas.  Few would buy lambs quarters here - not a marketable item on the Prairie.
  Wichita, Kansas

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      Hey, isn't this the sort of question that we're here for??    I have been using the information and recipes from a very good book ..."Gourmet Gardening" to help market lamb's quarters, purslane, burdock, mache  etc for years.  It was published by Rodale...who else?......orignally in 1978....ISBN 0-87857-349-6  edited by Anne Moyer Halpin.......may be out of print now, but worth looking for as it covers many weirdy crops that could be marketed.
  Control lamb's quarters by knocking it down before it goes to seed...early spring or new growth later in the season can be handled and sold like spinach.  It is quite nutritious...high in vitamin C which can be a good thing for citrus allergic customers.  
  Shawnee, zone five sort of.....

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    We have growing on our farm in abundance that which I think are Lambsquarters. Are there any look alikes for Lambsquarters, that could fool me into thinking that's what it is?  It starts popping up in the spring, but it grows year round.  If you could email us, there are other questions looming, but don't want to take up the space on the list serve for them.  (frankly its a little embarrassing inquiring about a "weed"). 
  Thank you  for any information you may have to share. doerunfarmtn at aol.com

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