[Market-farming] Broccoli leaves -- new crop

Willie McKemie mf at austinfarm.org
Sun Jul 22 12:23:18 EDT 2007

On Sun, Jul 22, 2007 at 09:06:33AM -0400, Karen Sutherland & Roots Farm wrote:
> As we clean our harvested broccoli heads and side shoots for market, we 
> remove a lot of younger broccoli leaves.  This year we started selling 
> them at $3 for a 12 oz bag.  Everyone who has tried them has come back 

Intriguing!  Thanks for the idea!

What is done with them?  Steamed like cooked broccoli?  Raw as a salad 
ingredient?  Both?  Other?

We have traditionally sold broccoli heads and shoots in 1lb bags for 
$2.  Last year, I decided that that wasn't profitable and cut back to 
8/10 lb in spite of perceived pressure from cheap grocery store 
broccoli.  This year, I just quit picking it because it was very low 
profit compared to other things I could put my labor in.  Due to 
requests, I started picking it again and charging $3 per 8/10lb bag.  
And, it has sold very well.  That seems profitable so I'm planning a 
late summer - fall crop.  The cool wet summer here in central Texas 
has kept broccoli going far later in the season than "normal".

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