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Try Memphis Net (  www.memphisnet.net/ ).  I got my netting there, 7 feet by
100 feet.  I am sure there are other sizes.  Very inexpensive also.  Good




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Can anyone recommend a good source for bird netting?  I need no bigger than
1/2-3/4" openings as we have some teeny bird pests and hopefully, a net that
is wider than 12-14' and long.  I've tried various plastic nettings but they
don't hold up under our sun, whereas an old nylon fruit tree net that I used
to cover plum and blueberries 10+ years in Mass. is still going strong after
5+ years use in tropical conditions (except for the places where I had to
cut the net to free trapped (and very hostile) boas).  I believe I had
purchased that net from Mellinger's which seems to be out of the INet
business.  Without netting here it is impossible to bring in a crop of most
any fruit, including tomatoes, peppers, papaya, oranges, etc.  

I have used Hortonova here for trellising, but again it doesn't last much
more than a season, whereas the nylon trellis nettings just keep on going
and are strong enough to support massive bean vines, cukes, tomatoes, etc.

Thanks and Best wishes to all,



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