[Market-farming] Hortonova

Coylie Ries sassyniowa at iowatelecom.net
Sun Jul 15 12:17:58 EDT 2007


Could you tell us more about self sowing snapdragons?  Do you pinch them 
back to get longer stems or just let them grow as they are?  Also where 
do you get your seeds from?

Coylie, zone 4

> I have used Hortonova netting for peas the same way...metal stakes 
> every 8-10 feet.  Lots of labor getting it set up every year; last 
> many seasons when taken down and stored under cover.
> I have also used it horizontally to support cut flowers....at 15 and 
> 30 inches above 4 foot wide planting beds.  I sometimes left it in 
> place over the winter for biennials...sweet william,  canterbury 
> bells,  bells of Ireland, self sowing snapdragons, larkspur etc that 
> get started early when the weather may make it difficult to get into 
> the fields.  This is also labor intensive to install, but the 
> Hortonova works beautifully to keep the flowers from slumping and 
> sagging.  (Some of those labor costs can be recovered during harvest 
> as the netting facilitates faster cutting and dead heading.)  (Those 
> flower beds are well mulched...no machine cultivation for weed 
> control.)
> Shawnee, zone 5

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