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Sat Jul 14 23:14:22 EDT 2007

On Jul 14, 2007, at 6:34 PM, Sharon and Steve wrote:

> By way of experimenting I planted Lincoln and Green Arrow peas each 
> with a
> row on chicken wire beside a row with no support. And I am glad I did 
> as if
> I did not have those on wire I would not have had many peas.The 
> unsupported
> rows are rotten at ground level, due to trapped moisture, during this 
> the
> driest year I have seen.
> Chicken wire being the price it is brings my question which is what 
> are any
> of you using for crop support?

For dwarf and semi-dwarf varieties: medium-sized bamboo stakes about 
20' to 25' apart, with several tiers of untreated twine strung along 

Taller pea varieties I expect need more support than that; but this is 
relatively cheap and easy and sufficient for the shorter peas, which, 
in my experience, do much better (and are much easier to pick) 
trellised than not.

-- Rivka; Finger Lakes NY, Zone 5 mostly
Fresh-market organic produce, small scale
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