[Market-farming] Market-farming Digest, Vol 54, Issue 5

Gloria Haswell gloria at world-net.net
Fri Jul 6 12:39:43 EDT 2007

We grow lemon grass.  It freezes easy but during the summer when going
outside I will pull off a few leaves and rub them between my hands and
then rub the juice on my self keeps the mosquitos away and I smell great. 
I have heard you can make a liquid to spray but have not had the time.


> There is a scented Geranium that is sometimes used as a potted house plant
> to repel mosquitoes inside the house.  The essential oil it releases is
> citronella if I am not mistaken.  In fact I think that citronella oil is
> available as a rub on or as an ingredient in candles.  Check out some
> catalogs that carry various herbal products.  My wife has steeped garlic
> in mineral oil or olive oil and kept it around the house for various
> purposes including using it as a bug repellant in the garden.  I have on
> several occasions rubbed it on my face, neck, and arms in order to (you
> guessed it) keep away bugs.  It works!  If you can handle smelling like a
> garlic head for a few hours you are in tall cotton.  I kind of like it!
> It's a little like the pleasure of smelling your own farts.  It should
> also work to keep pesky people away.  I have even used garlic oil several
> times to relieve pain in chronically sore joints.

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