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There is a scented Geranium that is sometimes used as a potted house plant to repel mosquitoes inside the house.  The essential oil it releases is citronella if I am not mistaken.  In fact I think that citronella oil is available as a rub on or as an ingredient in candles.  Check out some catalogs that carry various herbal products.  My wife has steeped garlic in mineral oil or olive oil and kept it around the house for various purposes including using it as a bug repellant in the garden.  I have on several occasions rubbed it on my face, neck, and arms in order to (you guessed it) keep away bugs.  It works!  If you can handle smelling like a garlic head for a few hours you are in tall cotton.  I kind of like it!  It's a little like the pleasure of smelling your own farts.  It should also work to keep pesky people away.  I have even used garlic oil several times to relieve pain in chronically sore joints.

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  I recently started using Shaklee Basic H in a sprayer for the cow while I'm milking and it really helps with the flies - which bite her legs and then she kicks and then the milk spills and then I'm mad, OR she kicks my bucket and I'm on the ground even madder! 
  Anyway, some friends suggested using the Basic H to keep flies away when we're dressing chickens and then I thought of using it on the cow and it really helps. We also used it last time we did chickens.
  What I'm wondering is if anyone knows of any essential oils I could use along with the soap to make a spray for me and the boys that would help keep the flies, gnats and mosquitoes away while we're working in the garden - if there's a smell that would help repel them? I bought some spray last year from one of the seed catalogs to use when we were in the garden but it was outrageous for as much as we use and I don't have the old container. Guess I could check in some catalogs for ideas.
  SE Colorado 


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