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Hi...I grow about 1/2 acre of a hardneck garlic and if I ran into the problem you mentioned, I would not replace the garlic. My thinking is that a garlic bulb is basically an exact clone of the garlic clove that was planted. In other words, garlic plants don't cross pollinate. So if the garlic had been growing to a good size in past years, then it should do so again when the weather/soil allows it to. The fact that the garlic did not grow full size this year shouldn't mean much for next year. However, if this years weather had effected just some of your garlic varieties, then I might think that that particular type of garlic wasn't well  suited to your area. But since all your varieties grew poorly this year, after growing good other years, I think you are fine to replant it next year. 
In the past, I've had good stock grow small one year and then grow very well the next year.

Pete (western NY area)   
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      For the first time this year - i imagine due to the weather extremes
  - all my garlic varieties produced small bulbs.  I've grown good garlic
  for about 6 years straight, improving size of seed stock each year, and
  adding more varieties.  Does this year of small bulbs mean that i have to
  replace all the stock?  Will genetics bring them back up to size in the
  next few seasons? I've too many types to replace all.
  Thanks again, 
  Toni in Ky
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