[Market-farming] Garlic Seed

tonitime at juno.com tonitime at juno.com
Thu Jul 5 11:36:34 EDT 2007

Hi Marie,
   I've been increasing my varieties for about 6 years thru saving the
best bulbs from the crop, rather than letting the garlic go to seed at
all. After bulb harvest and curing, simply replant the largest healthiest
cloves from the best heads. Keeping  the flower stalk/scape removed from
all plants will put more energy into bulb production.  I also start some
garlic from seed, but these require a second year to make useable-size
bulbs.  You may know all this, but thought i'd share!

Until this odd year, as shared in another post/query, my garlics have
thrived.  I also will purchase new seed stock to add to my mixes every
year or two.

Since you have developing seed, what i have done is to harvest when the
bloom is withering alot, then dry iton screen trays or in paper bags. 
Our area can be wet and humid, so i bring it indoors or leave up on
rafters under a warm metal roof.
Good luck,

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