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Wed Jul 4 23:33:23 EDT 2007

Hi Beth,

I really appreciate your interest in what is going on at our place.  About a 
month ago I started writing another entry for my blog entitled "The Stuff 
Dreams Are Made Of" where I was attempting to express my feelings as I face 
the challenges of operating our farm while dealing with the aftermath of the 
fire.  Sure to form I have been detained and the blog entry still needs some 
editing and has not been posted yet.  Since you have expressed some interest 
and there are others on the list who might want to know I will try to give a 
brief summary here.

They got started rebuilding the house this week.  About 3/4 of the studded 
walls are up and we hope to have it under roof by this time next week.  It 
sure helps my mood to finally see some progress after the months of going to 
the farm every day and looking at those bare basement walls and piles of 
junk still lying around.

Much of the market garden is about a month behind schedule with many things 
only recently planted or transplanted and just getting started but we are 
picking ripe tomatoes.  I am buying more stuff than usual from a neighbor in 
order to keep the CSA boxes full but I can live with that.  I spent much of 
today chisel plowing and discing spent spring garden plots in preparation 
for a big fall garden.  I am going to try to squeeze in a late sweet corn 
patch and pray for late fall frosts.  I'm bound and determined to get a good 
fall carrot patch seeded by mid July.  I have a good amount of cauliflower 
(in four colors) going in the greenhouse and need to get the fall broccoli 
and chinese cabbage started ASAP.  We are in need of some good rain.

For the second time since our disaster unspeakable tragedy has struck in our 
community which makes our loss pale in comparison.  The first was the 
shooting at VA Tech (my Alma Mater) which took 33 lives on April 16.  The 
second struck several days ago to a Mennonite family in our local county 
when a man and wife, their two oldest children and their hired man perished 
from toxic fumes emanating from a manure pit near their barn.  I am closely 
blood related to that family.  I plan to attend their funeral tomorrow and 
wish I could do more to help, especially since that same Mennonite community 
reached out to us so generously in response to our need.

Marlin Burkholder
Shenandoah Valley

blog:  www.gleneco.blogspot.com

> Good to hear from you Christine (and Marlin). How is the 
> rebuilding/keeping
> up with summer going?
> Beth Spaugh
> Rehoboth Homestead
> Peru NY
> http://rhomestead.com

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