[Market-farming] raccoon strategies

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  Hi Folks...it's interesting to me that the folks that have chickens...for
layers or broilers...find it somewhat amazing that critters get into their
chicken coops...kill their chickens...then wonder why. Secure your coops
folks...cos the various varmints will  send some of your fowl to the big
coop in the sky if they can find a way in.  Franklin 
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Just yesterday I had a opossum in my coop, He only ate one chicken and only
ate the head. I know it was a opossum cause he was still in there in the
morning when I let everyone out!

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This is interesting.  Recently, on two different ocassions, Marlin found a 
headless chicken in a nestbox.  Our chicken house is on a wagon.  We stand 
on the wagon hitch to lift the flap and reach into the nest box to gather 
eggs.  In the one case he saw blood on the outside of the flap.  We have 
been trying to figure out if a fox could/would climb up and reach in.  (We 
know foxes are around and have eaten some chickens and a neighbor's duck 
outside of the electra-net fence.)  Could an owl, hawk, or weasel lift a 
plywood flap?
Christine Burkholder

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> Are you sure you have raccoons and not weasels?  Weasels like to bite
> the heads off chickens and leave the rest behind.  They will also
> slaughter indiscriminately.
> Andy
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