[Market-farming] Celli spaders and cover crop incorporation

David Inglis mhcsa at verizon.net
Mon Jan 29 12:06:48 EST 2007



>To those folks with Celli spaders, how well do they incorporate a
flailed-off cover crop in your soil type? 

Very well. They will do a better job in wetter ground than most Primary
tillage tools.


>Do you always find that you have to make a second tillage pass before
transplanting, or for seeding?

For larger seeded crops in our, light, ground, no. It helps to have a roller
fixed on the back to firm up the ground a little for small seeded crops.

Anyway you should allow the green manure/cover crop time to breakdown which
would necessitate a secondary, topical, weed killing pass prior to planting.


 >Has anyone tried to attach a Celli with a secondary power harrow like some
of the Imants models have?  Thanks.  Greg York Thanksgiving Farm

This is common in Europe but not here. I don't need it on my ground.

Celli's are costly to maintain in that they have so many metric bearings
that are a b---- to get at. Lots of moving parts but they leave the crumb
structure in good shape compared to anything else I have used except not
tilling; you might want to think about that.



Mahaiwe Harvest CSA

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