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John Drury jbd3 at hughes.net
Mon Jan 29 09:56:08 EST 2007

Our Market board created the farm certificate. It reads as follows: 

This is to certify that I am familiar with__________farm and that the farm is located in________________County, TN. I further certify that the following produce is grown on that farm. 

The extension agent signs and dates the certificate. 

In my case, I called my extension agent and asked him to visit my farm. He saw what I was growing and signed it. If the extension agent is already familiar with the farm, then there is no need for the farm visit, but the agent would still need to sign the certificate. There is no cost involved to the farmer or extension agent. We feel that coupled with periodic farm visits that we can further ensure that our market remains producer only.

John Drury
Bon Aqua, TN 37025

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  You said  "Each farmer has to get a farm certificate from their local county extension 

  What does the county extension agent do?  Go take a look, have knowledge of the farm operation, interview the farmer? 
  Was this something the extension agent was already doing or was this a new program implemented at the request to market?  Does the extension office have criteria on what goes into granting a certificate?

  Is there a cost to the farmer? Our extension offices in Colorado are going through budget reductions and are having to charge for some services that once were free.

  Boulder County Farmer's Market 
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