[Market-farming] No-till in the organic mainstream

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I understand Steve Groff and others still have trouble getting uniform
stands with mechanical planters through killed cover crops. Manual planting
gets better results. Mulching with finished compost is said to work with
large plants that don't shade weeds well, but smaller crops that finish
earlier can be planted ahead of tomatoes and peppers that need frost free
nights to get going. They shade any weeds in advance and provide another
cash crop first. Meanwhile, their roots decompose and add more organic
matter to the soil without turning under, another time saver.

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On 1/29/2007 at 5:32 AM Sam White wrote:

>Thanks for the excerpts, Paul.
>I've been seriously considering the Crop Roller idea
>from Rodale, but on a smaller scale.  Thinking about
>building one that is just 4.5' wide for my Satoh to
>Are there no-till transplanters out there for
>tomatoes, peppers, and such?
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