[Market-farming] Celli spaders and cover crop incorporation

Greg York gyork at sdtc.org
Mon Jan 22 16:34:31 EST 2007

I'm considering the purchase of a Celli spader for primary tillage, and
especially for cover crop incorporation.  I saw discussion in the
market-farming archives regarding spaders a few years back that seemed
to indicate Imants spaders do a more thorough job than Celli.  To those
folks with Celli spaders, how well do they incorporate a flailed-off
cover crop in your soil type?  Do you always find that you have to make
a second tillage pass before transplanting, or for seeding?  Has anyone
tried to attach a Celli with a secondary power harrow like some of the
Imants models have?  Thanks.  Greg York Thanksgiving Farm
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