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Our Market is whats called an "Oklahoma Grown Market", there are other types of farmers markets that aren't. But we are and the state Ag department helps out by printing up pamphlets for the public and a web site of all the "Oklahoma Grown Markets". But in being such a market we have guidelines, like everything must be either made or grown in Oklahoma, and 80 percent of what is sold by the person has to be grown by them. Also I think 80 percent of the market has to be food, flowers, plants and stuff like that leaving way for only 20 percent to be art stuff... They are also starting a new campaign here in the Tulsa area called Buy Fresh Buy Local, it is being copied for the most part from the Iowa markets I believe...There is a center here in Oklahoma called the Kerr center, they do all kinds of research and are the ones heading up the BFBL campaign... I am sure if you got in touch with the man in charge of it (Doug Walton) via the web site, he would help you in anyway with
 advice and where he got his support and info from.
  I hope that helps...even if just a little
  The Kerr Center web site if you want it...

Mr Lucky <steve at mrlucky.com> wrote:
  What is the current market? I thought farmers markets were for growers. Can 
someone go to a distribution center and pick up commerical produce and 
resell it? How is that all much different than a grovery store? I can see 
one person selling for a lot of little farms who might otherwise make $50, 
but it seems to me a farmers market should be for farmers.

Rancho Gordo
New World Specialty Food

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> I'm really interested in talking our town council into supporting a
> grower only market here. Although I can find many grower only markets
> advertised on the web, I can't seem to find any succinct 'grower only
> market' philosophy laid out, something that I could show the town
> council, something about how supporting local growers is good for the
> entire community. I thought there was actually a 'grower only market'
> advocacy group operating out of PA, but I haven't been able to find
> hide-nor-hair of that group.
> Can anyone help?
> thanks
> _Allan Balliett
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