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Willie McKemie mf at austinfarm.org
Thu Jan 25 06:27:08 EST 2007

On Wed, Jan 24, 2007 at 09:42:26PM -0500, Beth Spaugh wrote:
> Some insights to help you answer questions that may arise about why
> "grower-only":

A great post!  Thanks!

> 	 The non-produce vendors tend to want the market to start as early
> as possible so they have more sales days. This not only forces the
> produce/flower farmers to grow bedding plants and takes time away from early
> production but also puts pressure to have out-of-season produce brought in
> am imagining. We have been in big fight the last couple of years trying to
> even get bought-in stuff labeled, and I have been told to my face that we
> need the out-of-season produce to bring in customers for the other vendors.
> Not for the farmers. For the non-farm vendors.

For several associations in our area, I have proposed by-laws specifing 
two membership classes: voting farmers, and non-voting "other".  This 
is one of the hazards of democracy.  I feel crafters may benefit a 
farmers market, but I am wary of allowing crafters any role in market 
management.  Most markets in this area are run by or sponsored by 
associations of vendors or farmers and these democracies have generally 
not worked well.  I come to accept the contention that the best form of 
market management may be by benevolent dictator.

OTOH, I feel that market season extension is a /good thing/ <tm>.

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