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Alex McGregor waldenfarm at sprintmail.com
Wed Jan 24 12:34:11 EST 2007

Maybe you should talk to people like the Wiedigers in KY.  They had a
similar situation and started a "grower only" market in their area.

Also, there are many successful "grower only" markets around the country. 
Try the state and USDA listings to find them.  In our area there's the
Battlefield Farmers Market and the Cotton Mill Farmers market.  Battlefield
started as a way to preserve farms through creation of viable markets for
their goods.  Cotton Mill is part of a comprehensive, County-wide program
to stop the encroachment of urban and suburban development- to keep their
area the way it is now.

Most market managers are glad to share info- just ask.  But, creating a
market takes a lot of work, time and commitment by the farmers.  It ain't

Alex McGregor
Walden Farm

> [Original Message]
> From: Allan Balliett <aballiett at frontiernet.net>
> You're right! (Man, I still never got any pisole!)
> But this market has outright produce jobbers. Melons in May.
> And the market master stands behind it: We need what people want here 
> all the time to get people in. We need melons here in May for the 
> people who need a melon. Maybe they'll buy some asparagus while they 
> are here."
> The market is right in the middle of town and is always filled with 
> after-church shoppers (a Sunday market)
> I'm looking for some grower-only program, guidelines, and whatno. 
> Something with a track record Something that shows that "Allan 
> Balliett, the local grower" isn't just making up the idea of a 
> 'grower only' market.
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