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tonitime at juno.com tonitime at juno.com
Wed Jan 24 12:32:35 EST 2007

I have been involved in a fellowship in rural entrepreneurship in
Kentucky. We learned that each dollar spent locally will circulate 7
times before leaving the community!  That is tremendous, when you think
about local prosperity or lack therof.  You might get some results using
the terms "rural entrepeneurship and farms" in a search.  there is a BIG
movement in rural US on increasing local wealth thru entrepreneurship,
and alot of grant money has been spread around to make these tools
available - many online in different states.  I will try to seek out some
links during my breaks today.

There is a statistic somewhere that talks about for every  
dollar spent locally on local product it returns so many dollars to  
the local economy. That is not very helpful I am sure but you may  
find it on a Chamber website somewhere, If I can dig it up I will  
pass it on. Good luck!
Shelly Montgomery 

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