[Market-farming] heirloom suggestions for market farming (ie. cansurvive a short truck trip)

Lynn Wigglesworth lynnw1366 at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 20 19:59:24 EST 2007

> Anyone have any 'new' heirloom/really good tasting >tomatoes that they
liked from last year, that would do >well on a market farm?

I've grown Rose (and I see that Seed Savers has it this year). It might be
my favorite tomato.  It tastes (in trials) as good as Brandywine. I can't
grow a good Brandywine here, but Rose does well; it's dark pink, meaty,
and I think a little smaller than Brandywine but still a big tomato. I
have trouble with cracking (too much rain), but Rose doesn't crack as much
as some other heirlooms, and doesn't have green shoulders. It makes a
huge, sturdy bush with a stem like a tree trunk.  It ripens well if picked
a little early and holds well; I don't know how well it travels, though.

Lynn Wigglesworth
Peasant Farmer
Tioga County, PA

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